Stay a while and listen…

I’m slowly adding stuff but I’ll need you all to add info about your characters. There are a couple of ways to bring up your character page:

  1. On the right side of the screen on this page should be a “Party” box that has you character name in it. Click it.
  2. On the Main Page of the Wiki (you can also just click the Wiki tab) is a list of all of your characters. Click your character name.
  3. Click the Characters tab and then scroll down until you find your character. Click your character name.

Once on your character page click the Edit button (it will be just to the right of your name) and fill in some details. You can take a look at the page for Lothar if you want some ideas on what to do. If you want the wiki code for the tables, just edit my page and copy what you need! I still have all of your character sheets though, so I can add most of that info for you. You will each need to come up with an image to use for your character and upload it.

You can see examples of the wiki code in a box on the right any time you’re editing a page, or by going to the advanced help page .

Feel free to add whatever you think would be helpful!


Pathfinder Legends

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