Pathfinder Legends

Crypt of the Everflame: Part 1
Who says you can't go home?

After their adventure in Sandpoint, the group returned to their hometown of Kassen. They spent many a night in the tavern retelling their adventure in the lair of Black Fang, but as they were known for their gratuitous embellishments of the truth, none of the other townspeople paid them much mind. In order to let them prove their mettle Mayor Uptal chose them to perform the annual pilgrimage to the Crypt of the Everflame in order to retrieve a bit of the eternal fire that was placed within as a reminder of the heroic deeds of the towns founder, Ekat Kassen. This annual tradition was performed to bring protection to the town for another year.

The honor of being chosen for the journey was no small one. It had been four years since the mayor had allowed anyone but the most hardened of the towns adventurers to enter the Crypt. The young adventurers had spent most of their lives hearing tales of grave injury befalling those who made the journey, and each could recount stories told to them of those who went into the Crypt never to return.

The adventurers started off into the Fangwood where they were ambushed by a small group of Orcs. Once defeated, the Orcs vanished without a trace, leaving the astonished group to wonder what could have created these apparitions. They spent an uneasy night near the Broken Glade where they were visited by an aggressive starving wolf. They were able to chase him away by throwing him some food and were able to pass the rest of the night without incident.

The following day took them along the banks of the Gray Lake where they discovered the remains of a lone man. He appeared to have been dead for a few months, but didn’t come from Kassen, as his clothes were of the kind which you would only be able to purchase in the larger cities. Near the corpse were found what appeared to be freshly minted coins from the capital city of Tamran.

Shortly after leaving the lake, the group arrived at the edge of the Serpent Gorge and began their descent. After reaching the bottom (only somewhat unscathed), they discovered the entrance of the Crypt. To their surprise they found the slaughtered remains of horses, still tied to posts, just outside the entrance. The ancient remains of a human skeleton were found crushed under one of the corpses. In the saddlebags they found a pair of large pillows and some blunt arrows.

Upon entering the Crypt the party found the bodies of two people along with the scattered remains of human skeletons. A faint moaning could be heard coming from somewhere farther within the crypt. As the adventurers began to move forward the ancient bones slowly rose from the floor and attacked. The party fought valiantly and the cursed undead were vanquished.

Black Fang's Dungeon
You never forget your first...

While visiting the town of Sandpoint, the adventurers were hired by the local mayor, Kendra Deverin to find and take care of a mysterious creature who had been making off with and devouring livestock in the area. No trace of the beast had been found except for a large black tooth embedded in a half devoured corpse. The creature was believed to be making its home in a cave near the town.

Once at the cave, the adventurers faced goblins, giant spiders, skeletons, and deadly traps. During their exploration they discovered two relics of power: an ancient longsword with the power to slay dragons, and a magical jewel which could absorb harmful energy.

At last the party met the master of the lair, the young but deadly dragon Black Fang. After an intense battle Black Fang was wounded and fled from the adventurers. Triumphant, the party returned to town to tell the tale and collect their well-deserved reward.


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